As I will be speaking at the Data Science Leuven meetup this Thursday, I’m preparing my slidedeck.

To make it visually more attractive, I’ve been looking into color schemes. And this quote was quite interesting:

Limit yourself to maximum 4 different colors

In the end I found inspiration from the slideteam website, the ‘Red and Grey’ color palette.

  • Gray : #EFEFEF
  • Darkgray : #7F7F7F
  • Red : #E04556
  • Darkred : #2B1515

These colors are then combined so there is contrast in the combination. Below you see a box with blue background and red dotted border for constrast with the used color combination:

Darkgray on gray background Red on gray background Darkred on gray background

It’s hard to tell but the colors are a bit softer than in the first list without any background color.