With every job come boring tasks. Number one, by far, is filling out timesheets. And if you are unlucky, as I was in case of the yellow telco, you’re dealing with an old dud.

What old dud?

I’m talking about fusion by Oracle. It has a horrible interface - even entering a single digit is annoying. On top of that, it was an exotic, buggy, beta version - no one wanted to touch it , including Oracle.

So how did I do it?

I took this as an opportunity to look into Selenium combined with Python. I was lucky I could book everything on the same timesheet code to ease developing the first version.

Typical management decision

As things go in big corporations, I also had to book my time spent in Jira. As I’m allergic to doing things twice (entering time spent in both Jira and Fusion), I started looking for a solution. And I Found one: Jira exposes a REST api - one of the operations is to execute a query for time spent.

The new workflow is now pulling in all my time spent together with the timesheet code from Jira, and then feeding this in the Selenium code.

And while my colleagues were stressing out about filling out their timesheet, I just kicked off my script, went to the kitchen for fresh coffee and by the time I was back at my desk my timesheet was completed and ready to submit.