We’ve all been there: repetitive, boring tasks we like to postpone. First of that kind that pops up in your mind: filling out timesheets!

While working at a Telco project, we had to fill out timesheets in the most archaic, nerve-wrecking system. Soon I was fed up and decided to automate this process with calling a REST Api, Selenium and some python programming. Soon I noticed I could automate other repetitive tasks.

In this talk I’ll present my journey of how I made my life somewhat easier. I’ll present some real-life examples including filling timesheets, posting deployment updates, updating your environment, … and give some tips and advice how you can find those boring tasks you might be able to automate!


Automate Timesheeting
Templating as Automation
Automation with templating and Automate AEM development
Summarize latest Changes in your Codebase
Github Pages & Actions
Deploy a Hugo site to Github Pages - part 1 and Deploy a Hugo site to Github Pages - part 2

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