When working on something new, you often have to create fake data. Those attempts usually never exceed the John Doe or test123 level, and that’s fine. If you need more meaningful information, or have to generate data on more than one occasion, then you need a tool - welcome mockaroo!

Mockaroo offers a wide range of generators, ranging from IT (domain names, IP addresses, email) over commerce (currencies, IBAN) to miscellaneous (colors, animals, currencies). On top it provides an intuitive UI to get you started. Next to that, you can save your data in common formats.

In this session, I’ll briefly cover why realistic data is useful. Next I’ll dive into mockaroo and how to create your realistic dataset. While doing so, I’ll provide practical tips based on previous experiences. A short demo consuming this test data as an API will conclude this talk.

Devoxx Belgium

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